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Thamizhnadu Brahmin Association [Thambraas], is the only representative forum for brahmins of Thamizhnadu, irrespective of their sects and subsects.

Thambraas was established after several decades of patient waiting by the brahmins of Tamizhnadu. The state of Thamizhnadu has the peculiarity of a social evil in the form of concerted anti Brahmin movement by certain elements who were the supporters of erstwhile British regime. When we did not have a forum to either represent or defend ourselves, our detractors have successfully sold lot of information both historical as well as contemporary subjects which affected the minds of even our younger generation to wonder whether the allegations could be true !

Why Thambraas?

We Brahmins, are a cultural minority among the majority Hindus of this great country, INDIA. We have no constitutional protection for being a cultural minority. Hence the Thambraas has become necessary and important for every Brahmin from the point of view of survival in the state of Thamizhnadu and for the successful and effective retention of this God-given unique culture and heritage.

In every walk of life, we are being subjected to vilification campaign and denial of opportunities in respect of higher education, employment in governments, government owned institutions, State Assembly and Parliament. In spite of the fact that we Brahmins have not only contributed but also sacrificed for the Nation during all times (let it be Kings-ruled period or British-ruled period or free India).
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